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Grand Hoof Pellets + MSM


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Powerful Hoof Nutrients

  • Biotin
  • MSM & Methionine
  • Zinc, Copper, Lysine and B-6
  • Diamond V™ Prebiotic Fermented Yeast

Problems with your horse’s hooves?

Are you tired of losing shoes, dealing with crumbly hoof walls, quartercracks, tender and sore hooves? Building a healthy hoof is crucial to keeping your horse sound and performing at his best.

Grand Hoof’s original formula was developed over 20 years ago and Grand Hoof Pellets+ MSM offers a very similar product in an extremely palatable 1oz pellet and the addition of 5000mg of MSM. This potent formula will give you the best and fastest results – the results you and your farrier are looking for.

It is important to be patient with hoof supplements. It takes 3-6 months for solid improvement and almost a year for the hoof to completely grow out. First you’ll see a new healthier band of hoof growth directly below the coronary band.

Biotin -stimulates keratin production in the hoof’s laminae and coronary band to support the hoof wall, frog and white line, minimizing weak walls and cracks and protecting the exterior hoof wall from moisture damage.

MSM & Methionine – increases delivery of hoof building nutrients and supports the connective tissues inside the hoof wall. MSM and Methionine work as vasodilators, relaxing blood vessels vital to circulating nutrient rich blood into the small capillaries inside the hoof.

Zinc, Copper, Lysine and B-6 – are important for protein and enzyme synthesis for proper hoof repair, and growth.

Diamond V™ Prebiotic Fermented Yeast – supports feed digestibility and utilization.

Other brands need up to 6X more…

Don’t be fooled that more is better.

Many companies add higher levels of biotin, but use a diluted 1% triturated form. We tested a number of popular brands with high Biotin claims and found actual ingredients didn’t match label claims. Grand Hoof formulas use a concentrated pure grade of stabilized Biotin and the proper ratio of hoof-building nutrients. Results from research prove just 15-20 mg of biotin works.


Product Facts • Per 1oz. (28.5 g) unit

20 mg
3,000 mg
5,000 mg
DiamondV™ Prebiotic Yeast
400 mg
1500 mg
250 mg
50 mg
Vitamin B6
20 mg

Guaranteed Analysis per 28.35g Unit

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Product Reviews

Great Product

I have tried many hoof products over the years but find Grand Meadows products to be the best. The Grand Hoof pellets are easy to feed and return great results every time. I have moved my horses to various regions on the East Coast and each move has affected different horses in different ways but any and all horses who develop hoof issues instantly go on Grand Hoof Pellets with MSM. Thank you Grand Meadows for making the solution so simple!

Kingsbury Hill – Eventing New Hampshire

Made Great Improvement in Hooves!

I switched to this product a little over two months ago, after using Farriers Formula. I liked that this product contained MSM, saving me money and consolidating the horses' supplements. Prior to using hoof supplements, my 4 yo OTTB had extremely weak hooves and thin soles. It was impossible to keep traditional shoes on him, and I had to resort to Sigafoo glue on shoes until his feet became strong again. After six months, my boy has tough feet and is able to negotiate even rocky terrain barefoot. I highly recommend this supplement, it has worked wonders on my horses, and they will eat it right out of my hand!

Jacky – Hunter/Jumper Las Vegas Nevada

Best hoof supplement ever

I don't know what to say besides I am in love with this product! My horse is also in love with it! My horse has never had better feet in her life! Its great to know that she not only gets hoof supplements but joint supplements as well. My horse is a picky eatter so it was great to get grand hoof in pellets, my horse eats this right of of my hand! My horse will never be off of this supplement ever!

Emmy – Dressage , Massachusetts