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Grand Digest


The First Complete Digestive Formula for All Three Stages of the Digestion Process

  • Promotes Natural Digestive Function For Horses
  • Affects All Three Stages Of The Digestion Process
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  • Support and Protection to Reduce the Risk of Toxins
  • Helps to Maintain a Healthy Digestive Tract
  • Helps Maintain Healthy Levels of Gut Flora and Correct PH Levels

1. Detox

Binds and neutralizes mycotoxins and protects the stomach lining.

2. Enhance Absorption

Supports enzymatic action and increases nutrient absorption.

3. Improve Digestion

Maximizes bacterial digestion.

Keeping your horse’s digestive system in balance and healthy can be a challenge

Grand Digest is the solution to managing all three stages of digestion and the most comprehensive digestive product available.

Stomach – Grand Digest contains two key ingredients: Toxynil Plus™ and Zeolites to help protect against the absorption of harmful toxins and to absorb excess stomach acids. Glutamine has been added to support the health and function of the delicate upper mucosal layer of the stomach that can be damaged when excessive levels of acid splash these tissues.

Small Intestine – Grand Digest also supports the function of the small intestine where the vast majority of nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream. We have used Multizyme™, a comprehensive enzyme blend which support enzymatic breakdown of nutrients, and glutamine which is essential for the maintenance and growth of the important intestinal villi through which all the nutrients pass into the blood stream. Diamond V yeast works in the small intestine by breaking down the feed elements to pass more efficiently through the intestinal villi and provides mannooligosaccharides that support the scavenging of harmful bacteria.

Hindgut/Large Intestine – Grand Digest contains a combination of two powerful tools to support bacterial digestion. Aspergillus oryzae and Diamond V™ work synergistically to support the health of the beneficial flora which are vital to the immune system and the production of volatile fatty acids which are responsible for around 30% of a horse’s energy.

There is quite simply no other product that comes remotely close to Grand Digest in regard to its all encompassing approach to supporting the entire digestive process.

Gut-Level Benefits: Diamond V™ Prebiotic Yeast works as a “prebiotic” food source, supplying a long list of enzymes that increases beneficial bacteria in the hindgut, resulting in improved fiber, protein digestion, and full utilization of all feedstuffs your horse ingests.


Pellet Product Facts Per 1oz. (28.5 g) unit:

21,262 mg
Sacchorymyces Cerevisiae
Yeast Fermentation Product
11,340 mg
Sodium Aluminosilicate
7,382 mg
Digestive Enzyme Blend
4,252 mg
Dried Aspergillus Oryzae Fermentation Product
3,969 mg
1,984 mg

Guaranteed Analysis Per 56.7g Unit

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Product Reviews

I switched all of my horses (personal and clients) to Grand Meadow products a little over a year ago and the results have been dramatic! The horses are very healthy and it shows in their coats, feet, weight, attitude, and movement! We shipped a horse from the east coast and he had chronic diarrhea until we put him on grand digest! Since the switch his digestive system has been happy with no colics or diarrhea. Another older hunter/ jumper horse was switched on to the grand ha synergy for joints, and this horse started moving like he was a youngster again, free, loose, and springy! I also use the grand calm for various horses as well, whether it be a hotter, nervous horse or one that is chronically a little anxious. the grand calm has helped them think clearly and work with focus. It's hard to imagine life before grand meadows!

-Robyn Fisher Eventing Trainer, Tugger X Ranch

One of the best

I tried everything for an older thoroughbred with loose stools. This works! You may need to adjust the dose as needed, but it is the only digestive supplement I have found that truly works.

-Candy,Dressage rider Flagler County, Florida

Excellent Product

I started my horse on Grand Synergy HA a few years ago and he's never had another hock problem in spite of his previous joint issues. So when he started having consistently loose stools, I naturally went to Grand Meadows to solve the problem! True to form, Grand Digest has solved the problem with their product that is superior to anything else on the market. They always go above and beyond in what they offer. THANKS again Grand Meadows!

-Sue,All round rider Orlando, Florida

True Believer!

I've always been very hesitant about supplements and never post reviews, but more people need to hear about this amazing product!

My guy has had chronic diarrhea for as long as I've had him, if not longer. (He's 24 now.) Been giving BioSponge (1 scoop/day) for 4 years when he has it and we take it off when it clears (2 days - week, sometimes longer). Then he was hit with a bad spell. I tried everything and it never went away for more than two days. BioSponge gradually went up to 4 scoops/day, floated teeth by advanced equine dentist not vet, changed hay, changed grain, dewormed with Panacur PowerPac, ProBios, Platinum Performance - I tried everything! Researched for information constantly. Even kept a diary of every single thing he got/did at what times. Finally: Grand Meadow's Grand Digest. The company has very loyal customers, including myself now! (I won't use anything else!) Their Digest product actually tries to repair the stomach and intestine. (Where, from what I was told by the vet, the BioSponge is simply a clay that absorbs the water itself. No nutritional or repairable value to the horse.)

He was put on it 5 weeks ago. Even with a move to a new barn 3 days later and medical problems that required antibiotics and bute, his stools were perfect, better than ever before with the perfect amount of moisture. This bout of diarrhea had lasted a full 3 months! And now it was gone. I'm sold. Just give the product a look and read around GM's website. You won't be disappointed!

(Edit: Its now been 6 months and he hasn't had one day of diahhrea! This is UNHEARD-OF with him!) Thank you Grand Meadows!!

-Shirley,Eventing rider Burbank, California