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Grand Coat


Promotes Breathtaking Richness and Color

  • Give your horse the “wow” factor
  • Enhances ALL coat colors from head to tail
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Give your horse the “wow” factor with Grand Coat ™

This horse coat supplement is designed to deliver breathtaking colors, glossy coats and a lustrous mane and tail. Grand Coat’s unique quadruple action formula works quickly and provides dramatic results providing a rich source of Omega Fatty Acids, key minerals, and amino acids. The ingredient that really sets Grand Coat apart from other products is Lecithin, which supplies phospholipids, a vital requirement for helping enhance healthy skin and a deeper improved coat color.

Enhances ALL coat colors – from head to tail


Guaranteed Analysis Per 2oz. (56.7 g) serving

Omega 3 Fatty Acids
10,000 mg
Omega 6 Fatty Acids
2,500 mg
Diamond V™ Prebiotic
150 mg
500 mg
437 mg
250 mg
100 IU
50 mg
1 mg
Amino Acid Profile
2,518 mg

* Supports Digestion and Boosts Immune Function

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Product Reviews

Love it!

I have used this in the past and it always puts a great shine on my horses. I recently purchased it again because I started reading up on different products that contain Omega 3 and this one had the highest levels that I could see. My vet thinks my 22 year old mare might be stepping into the cushings era soon and so one thing you can do to help cushings (along with other things) is make sure they have a high level of omega 3 in their diet. So I added Grand Coat back into my 2 horses' diet. As for their coat they both had dapples coming out of winter where they normally have that dry coarse coat because of shedding.

- Ashley Hunter Jumper rider in Southern California

I purchased this product a month ago and getting ready to order again. Its a great product for skin and coat. I saw improvement to hair coat and skin in 2 weeks time. I know with continued use it will just get better !! I highly recommend this product.

-Debbie, All round intermediate rider in Virginia

Best Coat Supplement!

I switched my dark bay mare to Grand Coat at the end of this summer. I have used many different coat supplements in past, including supplements made specifically for bays. NOTHING has worked as well or as quickly as Grand Coat! She was fully clipped about 3 weeks after starting her on it and her coat has never been so vibrant, dark and shiny! She usually turns a dull gray so I was shocked. I get compliments everyday from my barn mates and no one even noticed that she was clipped until I told them! My mare also had no trouble eating the powder. It's a little more expensive than other comparable supplements but trust me it's worth the money!

- Cindy, Dressage rider Massachusetts