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Grand Calm


A Pelleted Supplement that Helps Maintain Calmness and Attentiveness in Horses

  • Minimize Stress
  • Maximize Performance
  • Drug Free
  • Non Herbal

All ingredients are exempt from any FEI restrictions.

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Horse Calming Supplements for Horses that are:

Nervous •  Inattentive • Spooky

Helps to Minimize Stress and Support Maximum Performance

Riding and preparing your horse for a casual trail ride, exercise and training, or participating in a show should be fun for you and your horse. A hard to handle, spooky, stressed out horse will quickly ruin your enjoyment and affect the outcome of your ride or performance. Grand Calm is a unique horse calming supplement that is drug-free and non-herbal. The formula contains 4 different sources of magnesium that provides maximum bio-availability which broaden the effects of the magnesium. The formula also includes the amino acid Theanine which is well documented as an aid to relaxation. Grand Calm will help control nervousness in horses that are tense, spooky and inattentive.

We recommend using the Grand Calm Pellets for horses that have consistent behavioral problems on a daily basing and the Grand Calm Paste can be used for incident specific circumstances such as trailering, shows etc.

All ingredients are exempt from any FEI restrictions.


Pellet Product Facts Per 1oz. (28.5 g) unit:

1,000 mg
Magnesium Oxide
4,480 mg
Magnesium Carbonate
1,320 mg
Magnesium Chelate
200 mg
Organic Magnesium
50 mg
500 mg

Guaranteed Analysis Per 28.35g Unit

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“The results were immediate and simply amazing! Dressage has been the defining part of my life as a trainer for over 19 years. My talented, athletic 18 hand gelding, Charly was insecure and sometimes a dangerous partner under saddle when we headed to a clinic or the show ring. Frustrated and concerned to find a calming product that worked effectively, and more important , was show legal led me to Grand Meadows. Now I am able to increase his workload and stress preparing for a show, he remains relaxed and can focus longer. His movement became more fluid and swinging as we move forward down the centerline with pride and confidence. Thank you Grand Meadows!” - Patricia Harris FEI Dressage Trainer