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Grand Calm Paste


A Supplement that Helps Maintain Calmness and Attentiveness in Horses

  • For Behavioral Problem Management
  • Maintains Focus
  • Drug-Free
  • Non-Herbal
  • Does Not Test

All ingredients are exempt from any FEI restrictions and meets competition requirements.

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Calming Formula for horses that are:

Nervous • Inattentive • Spooky

There are, as is the case with so many categories in the equine supplement marketplace, an ever expanding range of horse calming supplement choices for the horse owner trying to address behavioral challenges with their horse(s).

How can one decide which direction to take?

Certainly the best initial direction is to look for a product that is NASC ( Certified.

Can you read and understand clearly the active ingredients and at what levels they are delivered in a serving?

Lastly it is about looking into the ingredients that are disclosed. In Grand Calm we have used 3 ingredients that we believe, and it has certainly been confirmed through testimonials, offer the solution to what can be a frustrating and often misunderstood problem. Magnesium and Thiamine have been quite well documented as helping to promote relaxation but their inclusion does not make Grand Calm unique in this category. We had read a lot of interesting research on L-Theanine and used it in our dog product, Grand Tranquility. We received so much positive feedback that, on deciding to introduce an equine product, we knew that we had found an ingredient that worked exceptionally well.

L-Theanine is actually derived from the Camellia Sinensis or in layman’s terms tea. Ask any Englishperson what is the first thing they do when there is a crisis to try to stay calm and it is to make a pot of tea.

Grand Calm offers  a synergistic approach and is also extremely affordable.

Riding and preparing your horse for a casual trail ride, exercise and training, or participating in a show should be fun for you and your horse. A hard to handle, spooky, stressed out horse will quickly ruin your enjoyment and affect the outcome of your ride or performance.

Grand Calm is a unique calming supplement that is drug-free and non-herbal. The formula contains 3 different sources of magnesium that provides maximum bio-availability which broaden the effects of the magnesium. The formula also includes the amino acid Theanine which is well documented as an aid to relaxation. Grand Calm will help control nervousness in horses that are tense, spooky and inattentive.

All ingredients are exempt from any FEI restrictions.

  • Over 6,000 mg of Magnesium
  • 3 sources of Magnesium
  • 1,500 mg Theanine
  • 700 mg Thiamine
  • Palatable Paste

We recommend using the Grand Calm Pellets for horses that have consistent behavioral problems on a daily basing and the Grand Calm Paste can be used for incident specific circumstances such as trailering, shows etc.


Paste (Syringe) Product Facts • Per 60cc. dose

1,500 mg
Magnesium Oxide
6,750 mg
Magnesium Carbonate
1500 mg
Magnesium Chelate
300 mg
700 mg

Weight .5 kg


"Thank you Grand Meadows! I had three Grand Calm Pastes I had not used before and I had the opportunity to this weekend. I am so amazed and relieved with how my three new horses (mares) that arrived at my training barn. They were all panicking that they had moved from their safe place to a new show barn and didn’t feel comfortable. They were tearing up the stalls, kicking the walls just being horrible citizens just completely stressed.

I quickly got the Grand Calm Paste tubes and administered to each of them. They immediately stopped all their cantankerous moving, and got quiet and started to eat and drink without all the stress they had just been under.

I was completely blown away at how fast and effective the Grand Calm Paste could work like that on all three horses! They liked the taste of it, they all let me easily administer it to them. It was awesome as I thought we would be on our way to a colic case.

I just had to tell you how happy I am they settled so quickly and safely. I will stock up on Grand Calm Paste. Fantastic product….don’t leave the barn with out it!" - Susan Peacock - USDF Certified Grand Prix Dressage Trainer Orange County, California