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Grand Meadows is coming into the UK market to provide a level of manufacturing standards, label transparency and formula legitimacy that has not been available in the past. To start let’s ask a couple of simple questions.

  1. Can you read and understand what the actual daily serving amounts are for the active ingredients in the supplement(s) you are feeding?
  2. How do you know that the ingredients that manufacturers are using are safe, bioavailable and effective?

In our market research we found many of the important active ingredients are provided at such low levels they will have little or no effect. Hyaluronic Acid is an ingredient that has become a popular addition to joint support products in the UK and yet the levels in every product we have researched in the UK are far lower than comparable products in the US. We encourage you to contact us with your questions and are excited at the prospect of being able to educate and inform the British horse owner so that you can make informed choices about the health and well-being of your horses.

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Heather Blitz
“Thanks to Grand Meadows, I know my horses are getting the best possible nutritional and joint support. They work at a very intense level and deserve only the best in supplements my vet and I can find. I really trust Grand Meadows to offer just that! Their impressive amount of research, quality control and proof of efficacy is unsurpassed that I’ve seen in any other brand. Their products have worked so well for so many years and they are heads above the rest!”
Heather Blitz Dressage Rider, Trainer & Clinician - '11 Pan American Team Gold & Individual Silver Medal, '12 Olympics Alternate

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There were very few horse supplements on the market back in the early ‘80s. Founded in 1984 by Angela Slater, Grand Meadows has been there since the beginning. Vitamin and mineral blends of the time targeted general well being. A passionate, lifelong horse person, Angela had spent many years in the human nutritional supplement business. Frustrated over the poor quality equine formulations and quality of products available for her horses, she decided to make her own.

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